ISAAC is committed to creating and maintaining an educational environment that is physically, emotionally and intellectually safe and thus free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.

ISAAC has a strong student government, community meetings led by students, afterschool programming and a multicultural community of students and staff that are enthusiastic about our core values.

Students Cleaning

The ISAAC Student Government is a group of students that are selectively chosen by the ISAAC student body to represent student interests and concerns. They meet every other school day for forty-five minutes and are responsible for creating positive change for the ISAAC students, faculty, staff, and families.

Throughout the year, each Student Government member plays an active role on each of the six student-created and run committees in which they take full ownership of their ideas, implementations, and successes.

During meeting times, students embrace leadership positions through creating and executing projects, enhance communication skills through the practice of public speaking and writing, and take ownership of seeing their decisions directly impact themselves and their community.

Student Support Services
Student Support Services

If you believe your child would benefit from counseling services, please contact Mr. Christopher Baxter, Head of Student Life.

In addition, the Student Support Team provides support and intervention plans for individual students who may need extra assistance during the school day. To provide this support, the team may make classroom observations, recommend counseling, meet with parents or teachers, review academic/behavioral goal-setting guidelines, or determine other means of support.

ISAAC Student Support Team

Various ways we work with our students:
Throughout the school year, we will meet with students on an individual basis, in small groups, and in their classrooms. Below are ways we support students:

  • Academic advising and support
  • Personal, social, and emotional development
  • Collaborate with academic intervention teams
  • School crisis or emergency intervention
  • Consultation and collaboration with parents, teachers, support staff and administrators
  • Collaboration and coordination of resources within district schools
  • Planning, implementing and evaluating of our Student Support Services

ISAAC Counseling Services offers 8th grade students and families an extensive high school options through orientation programs and guidance seminars.

ISAAC is a feeder school for A Better Chance, a prestigious program that recruits exceptional students of color from across the country and manages them in applying to the top high school college preparatory programs in the country. We are proud that each year ISAAC scholars received over $100,000 in scholarships to attend college preparatory schools in the Northeast. For more detailed information about high school placements, please visit our High School Options page.

Counseling Services
ISAAC High School Fair

ISAAC hosts a high school fair each year in October. There are approximately 13 high schools that participate from around the region. Any 7th or 8th grade student from New London County may attend this event. This is an opportunity to learn about many of the high school options in one place.

LifeFAQs Mentor Program at ISAAC

Established in 2001, provides students and educators tools for engaging the future through motivational assemblies, coaching during classes and after-school clubs, creating scholarship opportunities, and providing career guidance.

Follow this link to learn more or sign up for a mentor with LifeFAQs.

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